PT. Arkonin MP Provide Engineering Consultancy Services in National Development

PT. Arkonin Engineering Manggala Pratama has four divisions which describe fields and services exper-tise, namely the Environmental Division dealing with drinking water (intake, WTP, transmission pipelines,

Picture: Drilling for methane gas in the WTE process

distribution networks major distribution network for the reservoir, mechanical / electrical and ancillary buildings), wastewater (installation waste water treatment, waste water system piping network / sew-erage systems, house connections and support buildings) and waste management (the system of segregation, collection, transportation, processing and final processing); Division of Infrastructure and Water Resources handles roads and bridges, devel-opment of the area (residential, industrial areas, golf courses, offices, shopping centers, commercial areas, drainage, electricity grids, telecommunication net-works, networks of drinking water, landscape, sewer-age); Division of Electrical and Industrial handles power generation (hydroelectric, gas, steam, diesel), transmission and distribution networks (high-volt-age wires and extra high voltage), the building industry, cement factories, mining, offshore and onshore, mining, oil and gas; Division of Community Development and Settlement handle socialization, training, mentoring, capacity building / capacity building, community base development, manage-ment and workshops (project P2KP, WS-LIC, PNPM, PAMSIMAS, SANIMAS).

Types of expertise include surveying, investigation, feasibility study / studies, basic design / preliminary design, detailed engineering design, supervision / oversight, commissioning test / trial run.

Picture: Semen Gresik Factory Infrastructure