Picture: View PLTA Asahan 3 (2 X 77 MW)

Electrical & Industrial Division is one of four divisions in the PT. Arkonin Engineering Manggala Pratama, with the activities of services for Electrical and Industrial Division include:

  • Electrical / Energy: Hydroelectric Power, Gas, Steam and Diesel, Power Transmission Network (SUTT & SUTET) & Substation, Network & Distribution System and Energy Conservation.
  • Industry: Cement and Chemical Plant, Mining and Coal Terminal (Offshore & Onshore), Infrastructure and Mining, Oil and Gas, Engineering Heavy Industry (Cement, Coal and Chemical Industry Engineering).

Division of Electrical and Industrial handles power generation (hydroelectric, gas, steam, diesel), transmission and distribution networks (high-volt-age wires and extra high voltage), the building industry, cement factories, mining, offshore and onshore, mining, oil and gas; Division of Community

  1. 2010-2018, Location: Balikpapan - East Kalimantan, User Services: PLN (Persero) Parent Unit Development of the Eastern Kalimantan, Project Name: East Kalimantan Balikpapan Bay Power Plant (2 X110 MW)
  2. 2018, Location: Buntok, South Barito district, Central Kalimantan, User Services: Multi Tambang Jaya Utama (Member of Indika Energy Group), Project name: Manufacture Details Transports Road Design, Bridge, Coal Processing Facility and Pier
  3. 2009-2011, Location: Tuban, User Services: Semen GersikProject name: Project Management Control (PMC) Tuban Plant- Upgrading Capacity Tuban 1,2,3 & new Coal Mill Tuban 1
  4. Location: PLTU 3 Bangka, User Services: PLN (Persero), Project name: Construction Supervision and QA / QC 3 Bangka Power Plant Project (2 X 30 MW)
  5. 2006-2010, Location: North Meranti village, District Pitupohan Meranti, Tobasa District - North Sumatra Province, User Services: PLN (Persero), Project name: Asahan Hydropower 3 (2 X 77MW)
  6. 1992-2007, Location: Sidikalang, Medan, North Sumatra, User Services: PLN (Persero), Project name: Hydroelectric Renun (2 X 41 MW)
  7. 2005, Location: Marangkayu village, district. Kukar - East Kalimantan Province, User Services: PT Getra Kaltim Sejahtra, Project name: Coal Terminal Marangkayu
  8. Location: Sangata - Muara Wahau - Cape Redeb (Berau and East Kutai Regency) East Kalimantan, User Services: PLN (Persero), Project name: Substation & SUTT